Tamara Parker

Tamara is the mother of three children and a former process and strategy consultant for Deloitte Consulting, a top global firm. She graduated cum laude with an MPA from BYU, and has extensive teaching experience. Tamara took the ancient truths Singer taught and made flow charts to help make the ideas something she and Lacey could actually implement—and it helped!  You can email her at thereturnpractice@gmail.com

Lacey Mansius

Lacey is a single mom of five children and has owned two brick-and-mortar businesses, giving her experience in marketing. She is also studying to become a counselor, and she kick-started RETURN when she gave Tamara the book The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer.  She manages the website and instagram accounts for RETURN. You can go to @returnpractice on Instagram to learn more about our program.  

Bethany Sorenson

Bethany is a College student at Utah State University.  She is currently studying Graphic Design, and is our very talented illustrator!  She has been offered to work with two different publishers, and also does all of the lettering for RETURN.  You can find her on Instagram at @bethanysvignettes, or her website, www.bethanysvignettes.com