Meet the RETURN Characters

Each of our six animal guides will introduce their individual step, and also help us remember each step by connecting it to their natural traits and abilities.

 Riley the Retriever Recognize 

Like Riley, we will use our back to help alert us to internal or external reactivity. 

Ernest the Eagle Explore 

Like Earnest, we will explore using our amazing body, even our wings (arms) to soar and then identify our “why”. 

Tallulah the Turtle  Turn 

Like Tallulah, we will practice turning our heart away from reactivity, and toward being centered and connected using good posture and visualization. 

      Unity the Unicorn        

Use Breath 

Like Unity, we will unite with our spirit using our magical tool of breath. 

Ronnie the Rhino

Release  & Replace 

Like Ronnie, we provide a ‘force’ to release pain, and cake on mud to replace with positivity and light. 

Newton the Firebelly Newt


Like Newton the Newt, we feel neutral to past pain and bow to show neutrality and nonresistance  to what is.